Tamalyn Miller is a visual artist, musician and poet who blends the archaic and ritualistic with the modern and mundane. The founder of Conjure Change, she helps people live optimally using a creative synthesis of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, holistic aromatherapy and other healing modes. She has a MFA from Mills College and an MA in Russian Literature from Columbia University. Her poetry is included in The Funk and Wag from A – Z  and she is the author of five collections of poetry, which have also been fabricated as handcrafted bookworks. She created SPIRIT HOUSE, a site-specific installation investigating methods used for house protection, at Project Row Houses, Houston, TX; performed in Ron Athey’s Gift of the Spirit automatic writing project at Participant Gallery and her artwork has been shown at Wave Hill, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Deitch Projects and other venues in New York City. As a musician (hand-made horsehair fiddle, French horn, vocals) and songwriter, she is a founding member of the psychedelic folk trio Goddess and has performed at SculptureCenter, Wave Hill, The Living Room, Joyce Theater SoHo, Monkey Town and other New York venues.  The original music of Goddess is available on a 2007 release produced by David Grubbs and the 2015 vinyl album Paradise.  Tamalyn lives and works in New York City.

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