spirit radio

Altered-state Ambient
Tamalyn Miller: horsehair fiddle, voice     
Stephen Spera: guitars, keyboards, electric sitar, percussion, devices, production

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"...an evocative electroacoustic drift with deeply theatrical tones, capable of opening up an evanescent universe in which obscure restlessness and enchanting sweetness come together..."   —SoWhat



Hand-made horsehair fiddle and voice

"...a one-woman orchestra from a village five thousand years ago beamed into the 21st century."   —New York Music Daily

Review of Tamalyn Miller solo performance



Psychedelic Folk
Bob Bannister: guitar
Tamalyn Miller: vocals, horsehair fiddle, keyboard, French horn
Andy Newman: toy guitar, keyboard, piano, lap dulcimer, cuatro, pump organ, backup vocals, tambourine, taperine
Fran Pado: vocals, lyrics

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"...one of New York’s most phantasmagorical, individualistic bands."   —New York Music Daily


Days filled with glossolalia nights filled with dry teeth